I'm Working On a New Collab!



Alert: there are no more spots left in this collab!

I'm gonna be working on a collab that has to do with simulating the old Mac system 7!! It is going to be a megacollab!! A collab with more than 4 people! When its done its going to be great!!!!!!! :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:


@Zachyswag (ME!)


I will think about okay!
Okay! :grinning:


Ok, thanks!! :smile:


I can maybe do it if i have time, im in lot at the mo


sounds cool im not sure if i will join because im already in a collab account


I am with ElementalArtists... but hey, I can do a lot of things at one time. (I actually read a book, watched tv, and played slither.io all at one time :wink:) I'm in!


i will join
ive had lots of acc
i forgot all the passwords
i can make art pads
and other cool games


I'll join! @Zachyswag


Ok, sorry I wasn't online to reply!! I'll add you to the list!


If @KVJ is in, I'm in!


@tankt2016 I'll set you as maybe because @KVJ didn't reply yet. Do you still wanna be in without KVJ?


KVJ has gone to Germany! (i think) and he may not be on as much


Nope, sorry. :D

What are we making? :D

If we are making something epic, then I'm in no matter what!:D


Ok, but @tankt2016 do you still wanna be on?


On what? :D


On the collab, @KVJ is not in.


Lol you're in over 90000000000000 COLLABS xD
This is topic related
cuz its about collabs


I have 3/6 openings left! @ASDrawer, @Peaches, and @FutureAwesome said yes! I have 4 people who are saying maybe, so if you want to in, I only have 3 spots left. So be quick!


Are you in or not?


What are we making? :D