I'm will not be on


Homework and school are in the way so yeah.


I understand
Mai school is starting next week


I totally understand!


Wait... you haven't started school yet? I'm already to fall break :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Yeah I started school months ago and haven't been on for 2 months!


we on school hoilday right now :slight_smile:


Nobody has fall break there's only winter break and spring break and summer vacation


All schools are different, my school gets a week off for Thanksgiving, which we consider fall break. :smile:


No, and it is not autumn in my place
I live in Oceania and it is spring here!:grinning:


Next term is my last term…
(My school year ends in December)


Iran not thanksgiving yet thiugh we have theee days off for thanksgiving but it's not even been a week of October


Next week? You mean your still in summer?!


Nuu it is spring fir me
And summer is in December in mai place




Just woah. Cool! :smiley:




Not fair