Im veeeery bored😴


Its independence day but its boring. No flag hoisting in my old and new homes.T_T.No ideas for projects. I dont like pixel art and virtual pets. I like games
like...wait search my account at hopscotch my username is Electogenius. There will be a game called light circuit. Play that.


Cool! Could you put up a link?


Please don't clog up the forum with random topics like this.


Ok wait.I'll send it

Is the link.


How is this hopscotch related??


I dunno wut dis topik is for...


How is this related to hopscotch or the forum?


Hi! That's a really cool game. :D I'm sorry your bored. ;-; Maybe make something new in Hopscotch? :D
Here's a topic with some cool game ideas!


This is more of a "Check out this topic", but good point made!