(im unepic) + sweaty's gen topik





thank you, any tips on the hands though?

or anybody have any critizism on the hands?


Hm…maybe make the pinky a bit longer?
I am bad at criticism, sorry.


I think the knucke things are not needed unless ur making a really detailed hand lol.


true, thanks dude

@Lisa1045 thats good criticism, thanks


You’re welcome





Good actually h*eck my ears

The one time i wear earbuds SWEAT





i kinda have a love-h8 relationship with memes


Oh boy

At this point its clear to see pf


I am afraid tho.
Apparently this AVID thing i got chosen for is a big deal and everyone i know is freaking out over it, they say its for advanced students and helps them for college and im sorta getting those “study for 9 hours because of how advanced it is” feel

Like what


some avid thing happened at our school and i wasnt invited
yeah i dont know what thats about tho




Ayyyy i got the young authors conference thing


isnt that the girl that really liked ash or something?


What DS model do you have?


no idea thats just my character