(im unepic) + sweaty's gen topik



omg im so quircky doe :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:


Sweater goes insane

anyon want to play smash on 3ds? i can give you my friend code and if you have smash we can play


9 more hours till school start i got 9 more hours to play


aaand i get opressed cause im a gamer once again




runninf out of time…only like 3 more hours till school


only slept 2 hours cause i was waitin for someoje on discord or forum to play smash with me doe


Jeez how do people survive
I get at least +8 hours of sleep a night, norm 9


fell asleep during 1st hour at sschool :nerd_face::nerd_face:


@itzmya can u take my thing out of lounge thx


sure thing bro



what is smash oranje


i hate anime.


nobody respondin to this post whenever i post it what you guys want from me im not lying



I’m just. Don’t know what to say about that.


Then why did you post a ton of anime pics


yah im just tryna be funny chicken girl you dont understand the grind of being a gamer


no idea