(im unepic) + sweaty's gen topik



Happy New Year


happy new ureareaurae


@Anonymous did u know @sweater is devil


me when carpet feet


me when i touch a feet


call me weird, but my type of nostalgia are songs that hold memories of significant parts of my life

like this one, this one is a big nostalgia song and it only came out last year

i love dance gavin dance ong


this takes me back to the times of staying home all day from summer camp because i was so sad and tired from staying up all night talking to people on discord, and i’d dance in my bedroom to dance gavin dance songs while eating raw ramen
and drawing gilbert


i think i draw hands alright


a picture of me giving my twin a fistbump while we look at you




You seem nice have a whiteboard rice!
@thedrawer @FearlessPhoenix @A_Metalhead @itzmya @Someone45356 @randomowlsLC + @SmilingSnowflakes (idk if u both were on the wbf but somebody said u were)


@Toxiccato what th is ur pfp




moockey mouse


me when the feet is chrunky



:foot: dweeb :foot:



And the people i know:

Happy new year!!!


happy new year jackie!


my new years resolution is to stop making fun of people