(im unepic) + sweaty's gen topik



happy birthday i hope you have an epic day


happy birthday i hope you have a nice day :money_mouth_face:


Hey not to be weird but u have pretty voice ok byw


my thigh just snapped back into the socket finally ugh


thanks babe i worked hard :nerd_face:


that felt so good but it made like a weird noise


i wish my thigh wouldnt come out of the socket every five minutes tbh


anyoje else have this problem ???


Oh ok I’m on discord too it doesn’t work but whatever ok


sorry then i dont know how to help


Yeah but with my knee


kanye west


@ChickenGirl do you like kanye west?


it appears to me you are a possible kanye west fan


Idk I mean I haven’t listened to any of his music and don’t know much about the guy outside of fiha sunday



Happy birthday btw :sparkling_heart:


thank you it is also mafuyu hoshikawa’s birthday


@The_candy_artist your pfp is cool, kantai collection is nice

japanese aircraft akagi


it has come to the point in my life where i know warship anime girls by heart