(im unepic) + sweaty's gen topik



me when i take off my feet and forget them outside smh


at least u can use this account sweating pal


even though i’m on every single day and i don’t cause too much of a trouble anf ive been here since 2016, people still h8 me


oh yeah! thats an amazing idea, capret dude


that is me when i am scandal


your smart sweating pal! tots cool


I beat ur record (:<



*kicks the door down



Moonwalks back out again just because i can Ok


Honestly when someone says this

“Ynow wHy gIrLs lIvE lOnGeR tHaN bOys?”
“ThE kNiVeS aRe In tHe kItcHeN”


“Then you go back to the friendzone because u sock”



what song?


moonwalking like a boss, thank you jackie very cool


ive never heard someone say the first one but i domt think its good enough to tell my freinds, so tell the people who say that that they are not funny amd then dab


Moves like jagger

You had 3 stars (:<




actually, no words activate anybody’s fight or flight response.


Not true. Say someone’s insulting you with a million insults. That could probably activate your right or flight response.


i agree with this and i accidentally liked smurfy’s post


getting big into debating people and politics, guys look for me on the news when it says “student starts her own political party” and im not even kidding i stg


like deadas s im serious


WHicH nEwS?