I'm under da weather


Ok, I know I'm for some reason always giving a reason to go offline, but I'm realllllly sorry, but I got the common cold. Once again, it's better than me just disappearing for a couple days! Bye!

Vital message to everyone
Thank you for being there

It's ok!


Yeah, I have to go because my mom won't let me on the computer. :frowning2:



I just got out of a cold/allergies

Still tired but hopefully better tomorrow 100%!

Get well!:thermometer_face::head_bandage:


Yeah, it's mild but I'm still not allowed on my phone or computer. :slight_frown:


Ick, I hate colds :thermometer_face:

I had one a few weeks back, and I literally lost my voice for two days ;-;
Get well soon!


I half lost my voice right now. Its terrible!


K bye
Hope you feel better
I has runny nose


gives tissues and dank memes

Feel better soon plez and quacks