Im trying to make an enemy ai where you move but it moves twice

I want the enemy to move twice smoothly but sometimes it moves three times, moves really fast for no apparent reason, and or goes through walls, help.


I’ll get that fixed up


Done I just had to insanely destroy and simplify your code, aswell I’ve given it a simple randomisation code, aswell I made it move smoothly and gave it the ability to move twice. I don’t have premium so I can’t publish a remix because your project was used in the advanced editor but I’ll show you a bunch of pictures with the new enemy code and the new wall code, it’s just a duplicated and edited version of previous walls, by the way there is a glitch when the enemy comes in contact with the edge of the game because it stops it and puts it off proportions, I subject making a giant invisible wall or a bunch of small ones covering the border. Here are the photos. I’ve made the max amount of replies I’m allowed to I’m the first day so I’ll have to send them to you tommorow


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