Im trying to make a pixel art but that annoying loading screen is popping up



Im trying to make a pixel art but that loading screen keeps popping up does anyone know if you can make it go away?


Can you give me a screenshot




I'm not sure what to do, I've never seen that before.
Maybe duplicate your draft and then use the copy to continue coding?


make a text object with text inside


Me too! You should try getting another draft and playing it, if the loading thing is gone, use it, if not, restart the app and repeat the process.
It actually happened to me while I was making pixel art too!
If it doesn't work, inform me. It worked for mine.
Ps. It happened to me after I got the latest update.


That doesn't work, sorry. It happened to me, too.


IDK why but I'm laughing so hard


Ok the bug was fixed in a new update so this isnt a problem anymore


It is? It's not working for me anymore.
WAIT, EDIT: nvm, :smiley:!


Just wait...