I'm trying to find a profile picture for my account


I’m trying to find a custom made profile picture with my name in it for my account and I don’t have a lot of ideas. So, if anyone wants to create one for me let me know! I need help I’m not very creative with this sort of thing.


I can make you one. @kayro is taking requests to


Yep, I am taking requests.


What does CM stand for?


It stands for CodeMixers and CodeMixers is basically that we code and remix and so we brought that together


Do you think you could make one for me? Sorry I ran out of replies yesterday… I’m not a member yet


Heyy your on! Where do you liv? or you dont wanna tell. its ok


I will only say US, Georgia


Oooh ok. I live in asia


Nice. What’s it like down there?


HOT. no snow. thats the worst part


Dang. That’s here though. We have low chances of getting snow, but we actually got snow twice this year. It was nice because the last time we had snow was like 2 years ago


OOH! thats cool! Although Asia in my place is really protected. no real world


Would you consider that a bad thing? Also I got school today rip


Yeah I do consider it.


It’s actually been pretty cold this month. Can’t wait for some heat because when have cold for a bit, you want heat back


oho that makes a lot of sense.


What time is it over there? Over here it’s 7:11am


please, guys, get back on topic!
bring that to a general topic or something.


OOOH RIGHT sorry for late reply. its 8:14 pm