I'm too busy but thank you guys



Befor I get into this i have to thank @Anonymous i think you know why and
(For proably none of you will do this nither am i) use code DOMICS on loot crate yup dont ask

Now in to the... Rant? Idk well what eves but i am starting another game (im not stoping on frost) what ever you do HIDE and a short "cinama" called acorns falling from the sky sry for grammer im tired but i would love for some collabing people (im not exspecting much most people dont know im real) also if i do get a collab i will refrence you in all 3 of these things

One last thing a hopschocer has found my email and has been sanding a lot of hate im not saying names but they know who they are so #stopthehate

Ok that was not the last thing but you can stop reading hear CAN i write long topics deal with it but im puting a pole hear i rely want you to go honest

  • Keep on working
  • Go burn in a dich no one cares about you


Choose up to 2 options

Votes are public.


I wonder who it is... No one can stop it if you don't tell the name. I'm pretty sure no one would choose the second poll option, after all your awesome! Here's a cookie and a like because I have no more for the day :cookie::heart:


One of the reson i might have put option 2 is i some times have suicidel thoughts


Oh and it was @Rawrbear


I don't see him doing that...You sure?

What the what!? I need help

No. Your awesome never do that


Well its @Rawrbear has also been hacked or its him or some other person who has delaeted HIS script and made it he cant be hacked proably not just rawbears been hacked man that was a intense over shadowing


What did he say


Well now hes sending wierd coded messages but originaly sent werid things about satin and... Inappropite stuff for wee ones im part irish i had do that


Yes im sure. Odddddd


That is odd. I wonder...


Yup also @Murphy1 im going cach some zs now its 11:23 im need some sleep i mean i can withstand it sense i have staed up to 1:23 (dont ask who or why) so i might relpy at like 9:00pm or when ever depends


Ok. It's 10:26 for me. Good night


Ignore the hate. Email THT! @Rawrbear, are you hacked?

I'm so sorry about the hate. I'm there for you!

Anyways, nice idea for a new game! :D


Never ever do that pls ;-;
I'm so sorry your having lots of those thoughts but did you know right after people do things to kill themselves the regret it :0

Trust me I have read it everywhere I have those thoughts myself sometimes, pls don't your an amazing fantastic awesome person!
Pls believe me ^^^

About hate ;-;
Just think,many should that hopschotch be able to bring you down!
No off-forum communitcation with people you met through the forum/hopscotch is even allowed

They might be hacked ;-; there's has been hacking of mail accounts recently, so if it's them, it might not really be them :0

Don't let them bring you down pls ;-;
You don't deserve it! You deserve fans, not hate! I am your fan C:

if you want to me remove the spoiler just ask please don't flag because I will get rid of it


"They might be hacked, theres been hacking of emails recently, so if its them, it might not be them."
Shes right. Rawrbear might be hacked. If you come across any links in the emails, DO NOT click them.
There is more information in the ":warning:️Code Red Email Virus​:warning:️" topic. If you have not read it, you should really check it out.
The links are very dangerous.