I'm thinking of a hopscotcher!



This is a game where you try to guess what hopscotcher a person is thinking of!

User 1: I'm thinking of a hopscotcher! He makes pixel art and he joined hopscotch in June 2015!
User 2: Is it @PixelMaster64?
User 1: Correct! (Or incorrect. Depending on your answer)

Have fun!

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I'm thinking of a hopscotcher... she's an amazing artist and her birthday was just yesterday!








I'm thinking of a Hopscotcher! They make awesome trail art and games, and recently got on Game Changers!


@Kiwicute2016! Is that right @SmileyAlyssa?


Correct! :D


I'm thinking of an AWSOME person...she has to accounts and has had a few (I'm it sure :sweat_smile:) features! Hint:she follows meh


SmileyAlyssa or maybe SmilingSnowflakes?




I quoted. Lol. Is it someone with Sapphire?


I'm thinking of a Hopscotcher who does trail art and has been Hopscotching since 2014 (should be easy :P).


I'm thinking on someone who loves potatoes and trail art, and hasn't gotten a feature yet but really wants one.


Yep! Why did I do that?!
hits self on head


Just got it. @SapphireBird I hope.


Yep! Why do I always give it away?! ;-;


Yay! Thanks! :D!!!


Ok any guesses?


You are AWSOME...thanks for following me...I freaked out...I shall now GBOT...
gets back on topic


Snowgirl_Studios! :smile: