I'm Taking Requests! SabotageWarning


Go check out my profile! I'm doing requests! I know the two drawings I've published are like MagmaPOP's drawings, but I can draw in lots of other styles.

If you want me to do a request fill this out.

Boy or Girl:
Hair Style Wanted:
Hair Color:
Eye Colour:


Wavy Hair down
Dirty Blonde
Blue- green


Can I draw it brown? I'm not good at dirty blonde


Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Hazel (Kawaii or Anime, whatever you want)
Hair Style: Long and Kind of wavy
Extras: Kawaii animals


You can just make it blonde. It is more blonde than brown anyways.


Sorry guys I can't do the requests I have lots of homework and my drawing isn't good anymore. :frowning:


Can you do it after homework? It doesn't have to be done today. And your drawing skills are awesome, so keep drawing!!


I like your profile picture


Who? Me or @SabotageWarning?


Both of you guys


Aw.. Thanks! I like the colors purple and light blue, so I Googled "purple and blue tie dye" and that's what came up. It's even the background for my iPad.


GBOT now..:blush::blush:


Sorry. Maybe I'll try taking requests later after I perfect the eyes and hands.


Just so ya know guys, SabotageWarning is ran by 2 people so when one is busy, the other can draw. But drawing takes time and we don't know what is your definition of drawing excellence. So, I'll respond to you when I start to draw.
Peace out, SabotageWarning


Kawaii_Lover, I made your request. Your request is currently the latest project on my channel SabotageWarning! I hope ya like it! (P.S. I am not very good at anime and the colours were limited!)


Sorry, Kitkat26, I couldn't get the right colours. Maybe suggest another one?


@Kitkat26 expect your drawing be done today, tell all your followers to come here and have their art requested!


Can't wait!!


@Kitkat26, what style should the face be?


Very long wavyish in ponytail
Light brown hair with gold highlights
Blue eyes