I'm taking profile picture requests :D!



As you can read in the title, I'm taking profile picture requests.
If you want to request a human, remember to tell me the gender, skin color, eye color, hairstyle and hair color, clothes.
I'm doing drawings only on iPad.
If you want your profile picture with a photo, add the photo in a reply.
Doing the requests can take some time, because I've got school.


So, anyone?


You already did mine!! Thanks!! I love it!!


@CodePerfect do you think I can use the OMTL here?


Can you plz draw mine? Photo:


Do you want me to trace it?


Idk, maybe...


Ok, Inwill trace it and post here. If you want any extras, tell me.




I can't do the eyes
it's bad


Yeah I bet you can use it!!


Can I please have a girl human, with brown hair and brown eyes. She will have the peach crayon color skin (cant think of real name XD) and her hair can be down, wavy and some hair on her face. And she also has natural blonde highlights in her hair. She can be wearing jeans with a grey sweatshirt and blue sneakers. Thanks in advance!


Mai form! :DD

Gender: Girl!
Hair style: down, a little bit wavy, below my shoulders by 1 inch
Hair color: black with VERY SMOL streaks of brown
Skin: peach with lots of cuts on knees and elbows
Eyes: almond, dark brown
Shirt: a gray hoodie
Pants: black leggings to shin


gender: girl
skin colour : see my profile pic
eye colour : chocolate brown,
hairstyle and hair color: down , almost waist length and dark brown
Clothes : a red skirt with a black top and heels and a red handbag !!




Thanks so much! I love it!
Is it okay if his is my user card or profile background? I'll give credit!
Thanks again!


The wifi at MIT is so good
I'm in the car on the streets and it still works


No problem :smiley:
It's drawn for you!