I'm taking more logo requests!



So, I am going to take more logo requests. I will be using the same app I used for my logo. Also, if you're wondering why I am not using my old topic, when I go there, the tab I'm using freezes...
I dunno :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Anyways, here's the forum:

Letter, number, symbol etc:

So go ahead and request!


Can't like :frowning:
Letter, number, symbol etc: MC
Theme: Something vibrant
Color(s): Any aggressive warm colors

First reply and would've-been first reply!



Letter, number, symbol etc: AHS and palm tree
Theme: Tropical
Color(s): Bright Tropical Colors

It would be awesome if you make a logo for me @Valgo!:grinning:




I meant one of the three... So pick one please. XD


Letter, number, symbol etc: happyfacegirl and/or hfg - in a font if you have fonts, its fine if you dont
Theme: neon
Color(s): pink, blue, green, I don't care, neon plz


Oh, facepalm
Symbol :


Woah I could use that :smiley:






Ohmgee it looks so gud! Thank you so much! ;u;



Thanks so much @Valgo!:grinning::grinning::grinning:


Hey Valgo, what app do you use to make these logos?


Letter, number, symbol etc: N4E
Theme: Something like what you did with Mobcraft, not the same tho
Color(s): Aqua


Assembly, I think.


Can you make me a logo?
Letter, number, symbol etc: PP24, can you add a pic of a cute cartoon panda?
Theme: Cool, not very vibrant
Colors: pastel blue, pastel green
Thank you so much! You're an amazing Hopscotcher!


Please Senpai Zap (@Valgo)!