Hi this is Crazy_cake and I am doing game requests!!! I'm not so good at some but look at my profile and you can see what kind of things I like to make!!! I'll do quotes, cooking games, mini drawing pads, animal simulators! When I say requests are closed and you ask I will not do your request! Sorry! If I get too many I will close temporarily then when I'm ready I will re-open! Thanks! It's just what I have to do between school, jumprope (etc) but I'm out of ideas! So I'll be happy to take your requests! Thanks! Your all awesome and I will give credit:D to who requested them!


You should do a basketball simulator


A potato...

need more?

The potato is riding a robotic dinosaur with lasers while an army of rocks invade French Fry city... (To much?)


No. Not a POTATO. make a PATATO!


Are you still planning to make a jump rope game?


Just testing stuff:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: {202020202020202020}


I have to get ready for jumprope practice right now!!! Bye