Im taking coding requests

I will start taking coding requests. If you are making a request reply with your username and what you want me to make. PLEASE try not to make it super hard to make. Also I may not take your request because I do not have time or it is too hard and it will take too long. Another thing is I might finish it in a week or more.


My username is strongerthanyou
Can you make like a Undertale battle system?

Im sorry @Strongerthanyou I have no idea what that is.

Search it up

My Hopscotch name is Kitkat26​:joy::purple_heart:

Can you code a Kitkat bar?

Ok I will put that on the list @Kitkat26. I will make it in about a week. If you will want to see it I will name it Kitkat26's request.

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Ok I follow you so I'll be sure to look out for it : D

It might be a while just so you know.

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Hmm... What do I want?

I know! I want a feature worthy project! (Just kidding!)

Hi can I take a logo request for hopscotch