Im taking Beta Testers!



Im taking 3 beta testers! If you want to be a beta tester and test my games, reply the topic! I will choose 3 testers! When I want you or others to test something I will create a topic and tag your name or other testers name to topic. You will see the game I want you to test in topic.If you dont test I will tag your name or other testers name again.

Good Luck!


I would really like to beta-test your games!


Ok! You can be Beta-Tester @William04GamerA


Cool! Thank you for allowing me to do so!


You are welcome! Im happy you want to be my Beta-Tester. I like your trail arts and games! :grinning:


i shall be teh beta teester


May I please be a beta tester? I have an old iPad to test your games to make sure they work on the slowest devices.


Can I be a beta tester?
I like testing games,and often know what things require fixing!


Ok @Aariv! You can be! Im happy you are my beta-tester!


Yes @Yusamac205 ! Your old Ipad tests will help me when Im making a game.


Ok,what’s your game you want us to beta test?


There is no games for now. Wait until the game is ready for test!


I want to be a beta-tester! choose @smurfy0000000 as your desired beta-tester


I said I will choose 3 testers but 4 is better! You can! I will dont take more.


Awesome! I will put this topic on Watching.


Thank you so much! That means a lot to me.


Uhh… I know you already got 4 but can I just be like a backup beta tester?


Why are you saying this to me? You can always you know! And… did you draw the mars? I need it! @Hopscotcher (He can always be because he is helping me in a game. You will test it @Yusamac205 and @William04GamerA!