I'm taking a break from the forum


I have personal problems, so I'll be taking a break.
I know nobody will look at this anyways because I have no fans :smiley:

I don't feel anything whenever I go in the Internet which is very scary.


I am yur fan! 1st reply!!!!!


You just say that because you want to be optimistic


I am your fan!!

I hope you come back soon.

Don't quote


I'm your fan.
I've supported you and you've shown kindness.
But no, I have no fans.


No I'm your fan. Even more than your my fan XD


I feel like I'm always either high or anxious.


No, I don't. U are an amazing person. Don't leave. Please. U are my fren.


Oh. You don't want to be here?


Because I'm freakin stupid


No MC. Stop. You're one of my biggest idols. You're freakin smart.


■■■■■■■ I'm stupid


0: mc....

Stahp you're scaring me help.

No you aren't you're awesome!!




No you stop. You're freakin awesome.


Yay you agree!!!!!!!!!!!!


No I don't
I'm an idiot who tries to make himself look smart and awesome


Well I disagree with that ^.

And for the record I'm your 0.5th fan.


Have a nice break @MobCraft!:wink: