I'm taking a break from HS! [Gone.]



Hi! Thanks for clicking on this topic :D

I'm thinking about leaving Hopscotch.

Only for a little while though :D

I don't have time or willpower to code anymore and ideas won't come to me.

I'm currently really stressed out because I can't handle trying to enjoy my vacation, and trying to enjoy HS.

I'll still be doing my best to help people on the forum, but I won't be as active on Hopscotch.

I hope you understand! c:


Bye ;-;

We will miss you ;-;
Cat gifs will miss u too ;-;


You literally scared me so much on the doc ;-; :0

I'm soooooooo glad it's only a break c:

Have a great time catching up on your real life, also dont let those people get to you!

They just love your coding so much c:

But are being rude! Don't let them get to you!


Thanks for haunting me with that gif further more XD

And thank you! :D


Wow, same .-.

Bye, for a while :<


Bye! Have fun!


Thank you! c:

I hope to come back as soon as I have time :D


Thank you! c:

Don't worry, I'll still be liking every single one of your projects XD


Gices @Maltese time, willpower, happiness, potatos, and people that support her!


Bye, I hope you will come back soon!


Oh, good! I was worrying a lot about that XD! jk


Thank you @BB-Box! c:

Thanks so much @smishsmash too c:


Your welcome! C: @Maltese


Yeah, I know XD

That also means spam liking people on HS... C:<


Wow! I also like every project by him!



We'll all miss you @Maltese! I'm glad it's just temporary. *breathes relieved sigh


Bwye qwueen :cry:

me mis you


Thank you very much, stranger in a gif. :D

Thank you @Caramel_Puffin! :00

You don't know how much I love your projects1!1!1! :000

Thank you very much @MAKTESE XD



You literally made me drop my iPad

RIP iPad

Have a good holiday and i hope you come back soon! c:

Bai Fren! c:<