I'm taking a break from hopscotch


Sorry for the "Help with code", it's just the only thing I could use.
{I personally think they should add more}

So I'm just taking a short break from the app, not the forum.


It's ok we all need breaks or we get salty


Lol I don't like the code editor in hopscotch so I unofficially have left it xD. but I haven't left the forum because it is lit fam swag yolo #totallynormal


Yeah I know right this place is lit fam


Well I gtg so bye for now




Have a nice break fren!


I get peppery. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )


lol I know I just edited it cuz it spelt wrong


I get salty like nuclear salty


Have a nice break! :slight_smile:



Thanks for telling uns though


Your not making any sense.


Who, me?

Or someone else?




I get spicy