I'm sorry we made a mistake


We're sorry one of us accidentally posted a leafy video to ask if it was homophobic or supportive to gay people and I forgot to check it for anything innappropriate and uh I wasn't thinking and I posted it and I feel bad


Hmm, yeah.

Though I like watching leafy though their videos aren't clean, make sure to proof-watch videos before you post them :wink: it's ok just I recommend not posting any leafy at all in the forum, none of their videos don't swear I think :0

In what what am I bossy?


We all make mistakes!

Just try not to do it again!

Learn from your mistakes!


Please stop deleting those comments.

I do take slight offense to those so if you dont have anything nice to say don't say it at all :D


Then delete your posts because I take offense to yours as well.


Leafy is a he

i just has to point that out sorry


It's fine
Everyone makes mistakes