I'm Sorry In Advance


I just want to apologize in advance. Because I already can feel I will be a burden sometimes, but only by mistake, I SWEAR.
It's just like many of us, I'm not in the best state. Just right now I feel out of place in life and this will reflect on the forum.

It's kinda ironic—I'm writing about a Kindness War as I'm probably going to be a bully.

So yeah, simple topic, sorry in advance, please don't take this as wanting pity, I just know me and me can be grumpy at ones who don't deserve it.


um personally u think you are nice... and i don't k ow the bad side of u so much


@Hermione thanks, I appreciate it. I've just been a burden to a lot of people irl so I know t will happen here.


Be sure to be aware of what you're posting. If you feel you're close to being mean/rude (which I can't really imagine you being), take a step away. Log off and do something else if needs be :slight_smile:

But thanks for the forewarning!


@KVJ yeah... :sweat_smile:
Thanks for the advice, just everything is stressful these days, huh?
I'm so scared of hurting other's feelings, I think my emoji count will go up very high I the next month or so X(D


I think your nice. Just remember the golden rule! If you need help, just tag me!


Hi @EmojisRUs my BFF have subscribed for pictures


Hi bye @Hoppertoscotch XD


@EmojisRUs lol nice golden rule!

Oh good job you succeeded finding the end of you know what X(D


No my parents won't let me sad day XD


I get how it is :slight_smile:

Just be sure to keep a control.
If you need help, call a friend! (Like me!)


Oh because I need a picture so I could do emoji art


@Hoppertoscotch I know how you feel, I remember the time I felt like that!

@everyone I will tell everyone that @Hoppertoscotch is nice

to me at least!


@PrincessBunny1 hoi


Thx everyone
I finally feel like I'm not weird X(D


Your nice @Hoppertoscotch your awesome your cool and last but not least caring


@Hoppertoscotch You have no reason to apologize!!!!!!!