I'm Sorry...(I'm Back?)


I may have been rude in my past, but I will fix myself. I am in 8th grade right now going into 9th grade.(That’s HighSchool) Yet I still come on to the forums. I used to love coding, but now I have moved on and become one of the top Fortnite: Battle Royale players in my town. I am wanting to become a Twitch streamer. If anyone wants to watch my streams my username is SteveTheCraft on Twitch. Back on topic, I will be checking the forums every so often. So overall, I will try to be a good citizen on the forums


welcome back!! :wave:t2:


Thank you for writing this. Welcome back!

Just try not to stress yourself out too much :upside_down_face:

Awesome :+1: Nobody is perfect, but thanks for aiming to do your best


Hi! Welcome back :slight_smile:


Welcome back @Phase_Admin!


I love ForkKnife!


Also, welcome back!


Welcome back!

I love your “change!” I hope you keep it up!


We’re in the same grade


Okay??? So you are in 8th grade?


Entering 9th, yeah.


Geez. So, we have this thing where you can take the SAT and ACT early, as in 6th grade early. Got my scores back from the ACT.