I'm sorry huggingfluffybear


@huggingfluffybear I overreacted with the whole Jacob thing. I'm sorry for everything.
Just don't talk about my husband like that ever again.
Is it too late now to say sorry?


It's not to later, I am sorry.

And that I offended your man.


This is what I like to see.



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Yay! I am happy. Sorry guys!

I don't know for what!

You guys are awesome! I knew that you guys will apologize one time or another! :D

Now I'm seriously so happy and dancing! XD


Good job guys for apologising!
Now we can all be friends again! :D


It's okay.
since you apologized you can wear my sweatshirt!
Just kidding.


I'm so glad you're both apologizing :D

It makes me happy!


Yay! No more drama!

Silly Keemstar, Drama's for noobs


So can u tone down in the Jacob department too? The sweatshirt you can keep, just no more spammin.g about him ok :0


I agree with @OrangeScent1.



I agree with @OrangeScent1 too. Sorry if it sounds mean, but it's a little much. :D



No, no
Jacob spam not good
Code spam good



@kiwicute2016 or @PopTart0219 can you guys delete the fight topics



But that's weird.


I'm happy you guys solved it! See there may be problems but we can work them out!


No, baaaad
Repeat after me:
Jacob spam baaaad