I'm sorry guys ;-;



Sorry guys ;-;

I haven't been very active lately.


Anyways, here are the reasons why:

  • Summer Activities!
  • Hanging out with my friends!
  • My cousins are here!
  • I'm starting middle school!
  • I'm starting to drift away from coding, idk I'm just not as in the "let's code an amazing trail art!" mood .-.
  • But most importantly........


I hope this cleared up a few things, and this is not a goodbye, it's just saying that I haven't been very active and won't be very active. Thanks!


You shouldn't be sorry! It's okay.


Thanks! ;D


pls dont leave thicks


I've been missive your dun and bubbly personality on the forums lately! C:

I hope we see you soon! :D

Have a great summer!


dont worry I won't fren :D


Nuu ;-;
I respect your decisions!

I hope you get your spark back! I miss seeing you on the forums ;n;


I hope you have a great summer also! :D


I literally just looked at your profile a few minutes ago and was like "Where is she?" :joy::joy:


I'm not leaving

I can never leave hopscotch lol

Yeah I hope so also.... I miss all the forumers as well!


Guess what

We joined the same day :000


What a coincidence..... hehehhh


I know but being on less!
I'm not going to be lik NUUU DONT LOOSE SPARK PLS NO DONT because I'm not going to force you to do anything!

I hope you have a great summer!




Yeah you too! ;D


Thank you! :D


I understand. :D
You don't need to be sorry! :D


Thanks! :DDDDDD


I have the coincidence gif too :hand_splayed: