I'm Sorry For Everything


I'm Sorry for never being on
I'm sorry not publishing projects anymore
I'm sorry for not posting anymore

It's my 14 birthday today and I feel like I'm fading away, from the community, I want to me part of it again. I need ideas for projects so I can get back coding again.
I really want to get back to publishing at least a project a week


It's okay fren ;D

It happens :)

Also happy birthday!!!!


It's great that you're still making the effort to create your awesome projects!! Also HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!


It´s okay, that happens. Happy birthday! I am excited for new projects!


Happy Birthday!
It's okay
We all have breaks


Nice! If you need ideas search on here something like ideas to code!


Happy Birthday! :smiley:

Here's an idea list for you! ^^


Happy birthday @WinningMonkey!


Thank You all for helping and wishing me Happy Birthday

This is why I couldn't leave you anymore and I had to come back​:joy:

I'm hoping to be on here much longer​:grin:


Why do I miss everything?

Hi @WinningMonkey! Belated happy birthday!!




So much ENERGY!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! @WinningMonkey


Hey its mine too happy bday!!!


It's okay! It happens! And also...

Happy Birthday @WinningMonkey!!



Thank you all for saying Happy Birthday to me

Your all so supportive