I'm sorry everyone


I can barely be on here or the app anymore.
So from now on, my Scratch users list will barely be updated and I will be on here and hopscotch maybe once a week.
Also here are people who need to know this

Oh wow that's it


Why can't you be on??? I will miss you!


Because I have school, and homework (the bane of my existence), and IRL (in real life) friends, and many other things.


School was my first guess!


curse you school! the bringer of homework and irl friends... yeah you could've just said school :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: but sorry to hear that you can't get on much


What? WHAT!


Same reason as me?

Middle school problems?


Yeah @comicvillestudios I can still be on teamcoders but, like I said, only once a month :confused:
EDIT: I'm in 6th grade where you start essays (also the bane of my existence) and lots of homework!!!