Im sorry everyhop, I'm going on vacation for a bit


I wont be that active this week until next saturday. Im going on vacation! I will miss you guys! I will try and be active, but im not making any promises! Bye Bye! I will still be on a bit more tonight though!

Happy Coding,



I will also try and post some pics!


Have fun!


Thanks! I will!! ;U;


@BerryFOX Have a great time!


I hope you have a super duper fun amazing fantastic vacation!
I'm comming back from mine today XD



thanks! Your so nice!


Thanks! I bet I will!


Your welcome!
Have an awesome trip! :D


Thanks! I will try and post pics 4 u! (With blurred faces)


Without wifi for 3 1/2 hours is worth it for days and weeks and months with fast wifi ;u; at my house :D
I'll be playing nyan cat the whole time XD
Here's a pic of my vaca:



Are you an only child?


Have an awesome vacation! See you!


I'm back! Yes, I am an only child!


Enjoy your Vacation Holiday!