I'm sorry.. But I'll be back

Remember me? Yeah. I'm gonna say right now, I'm basically leaving.
Hopscotch just doesn't appeal to me anymore, and every day that I don't go on here I feel more and more guilty.
I'll probably come back some day.

I'm really sorry to all who have worried (probably no one) but I just don't know what else to do.
I never seem to have time for anything and seem to be sinking into some kind of state of confusion and sadness...

You are all great people, and I hope to see you in a time where my life has been pulled together. I'm probably gonna look at some things before I go.


Are u leaving? Wait what??

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Alright bye

Goooo patriots

I will always remember your cheese profile picture

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No no no! Go falcons go


Boy they are tied now

Take it home boyzzz

I think that we are on the same boat, dude.

Farewell, have fun in real life.

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I will remember you. Being one of the first forumers I've met and one of the most prominent.

Goodbye Hopper ;-;

I'll remember you as my first replier...

I hope you achieve your dreams and have a happy live...

@Hoppertoscotch, you have always been so kind to me, and I really appreciate it. I'll miss you a lot. :)

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Same @hoppertoscotch

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