I'm sooooooo bored


Any ideas what I should code? Or make? I am super bored. :T


Ya that would be fun.... Thank you!


you could make a game where you ask a question and a noise like a dog barking plays 1 or 2 times to answer yes or no to a question.
When you or your friends ask a question, then tap the ipad and have like 1 bark for yes or 2 barks for no.

you can also cheat by coding when a certain area is tapped only 1 bark plays- you could fool your friends that way


That's a really good idea! @Stradyvarious :D
gices laik


Just let yourself code :D starting coding with no intent on making anything. See what the results are!


Read a book.
Go outside.
Take a little break from hopscotch. You might be inspired by what you did while off hopscotch.