I'm so sorry! 😥



I admit it...
I haven't been posting on HS at all lately, and I don't know why! It seems like I have lost the motivation to code like I used to. No, I am not quiting hopscotch. But can someone please help me? I want my old coding self back! :disappointed_relieved:


maybe......drawing will cheer u up?


It does..... But I really want my motivation to code back. ;n;


try to go to sleep........


Code a potato. It helps. (Well, it helps me :P)


Try to find new things in the app! You probably just need an amazing idea that will light a spark in your head! :slight_smile:


I have an idea!
How about create a game that's very simple, but very artsy and stuff.


I can try it. :)


do marshall!
if u can code him, i won't quit hopscotch and will follow u the rest of my life........


Thanks guys for the support! I will try all of the suggestions and hope it works.


Marshal? I can try, but can you supply a picture?


search it up on hopscotch or check and slid down my profile!


Wow, me too! I feel the same. Although, my teacher gave me some inspiration today! She had me present my featured project to some teachers and the whole class. I felt really good about my self, and I think I'm gonna make a lot more projects soon, starting Friday!


This one?


20 characters lalalala


hhhhh..........lol why....._


When I saw this, I quickly read it.
By quickly, I mean scanning my eyes through the whole thing in less than two seconds.
I think the only thing I read was quitting. ;-;

And... I thought you were leaving hopscotch. ;-;

I was so shocked!
And sad. ;-;

You have no idea how happy I was to see that it wasn't a topic explaining that you're leaving (when I read the whole thing normally). :D

^ This all happened over the course of a minute or less. ^

Try doing stuff! :D

By stuff, I mean try coding new things, drawing, reading, writing, etc.

Inspiration will come, and maybe you will have the coding motivation again. :D

Maybe try thinking about what you haven't learnt yet (in hopscotch), and try that! :D

Try something that you have never done before on hopscotch. :D


Thanks! I appreciated you caring so much. And BTW, I would never quit hopscotch! :smile:


@AmazingAlphaAquaWolf, here is a coded potato.


It's amazing :D

I'll like it when I get it on my Ipad