Im so scarred (tornado)


Tornado warning in my area…


Yeesh. I presume you know the drill. Stay somewhere low, get everything you value and brng ti w/ you, and if you hear a siren, go to the safest room of the house and do the position thingie.


By any chance would you happen to live in the US midwest?


Calm down… you’ll be fine… I promise


You’ll be ok. The last time I had a tornado warning in my area, it didn’t touch the ground and there was only flash floods.


Don’t worry,you will be safe. And you also know this forum is for hopscotch,not something off topic


Stay safe, I hope that nothing will happen to you.


be safe, and calm down!! you will be fine!!


Don’t be afraid. As long as you don’t live by a big open prairie, ur safe. It’s okay even if you live by a prairie. Once there was a mini tornado thing in my town, and I don’t live close to any praries. Tornados scare me to.