I'm so mad and depressed right now!



This is not about you guys in fact you are the only REAL family that I have right now. My parents made a big mistake that made me cry and things like that. I'm really upset. I really don't want to bring this kind of thing into the forum because it could make other people get mad that I'm bringing emotions into the forum. I don't know if I should take a break. Please help me decide!

Should I take a break from the forum? Yes or no?


It really depends on you, what YOU would like to do!

I don't know what happend, I don't know what's wrong, how bad it is.

If you want to take a break and you feel that is best, go ahead!


Want would be your opinion on what to do


I depends on how YOU feel and how you think it will affect your behavior on the forum. It is very mature if you to say you don't think this kind of thing is appropriate for the forums and if you think you will only post sad things, or maybe lash out in your weaker moments, maybe take a break. But if you can control it and you think the forums might help, stay! But really the decision is up to you :)


Well we dont know what it is,

so it really deepens.


What happened????????


It might not seem like a big deal to you but here it is.

My first ever sleep away camp was this week. I got back and thought we would have a special dinner because of that. Instead right now we are having dinner with people I don't like and food I don't like. My mom was like let's not fight.

This was a big deal to me this is what happened earlier this year.

The 4th grade went on a big field trip that was far away. I couldn't wait for my mom to pick me up and I would tell her about it. Instead the dad of the people I don't like picked me up. Everyone's mom and dad picked them up.

Again a big deal.

Last week, we went on a vacation with them.

A really big deal

My mom said that everything was about me. I didn't choose to go on a week vacation with them so it's not fair to me.

Sorry if you don't think this a big deal and got drawn to this.

All of these made me VERY sad.


Why don't you like them??


What should I dooo!!!


I understand if you don't want me bringing my problems in hopscotch


Who are these people in relation to you? Family friends? Relatives?


My parents friends are their parents. Which means the kids have to come over too...


So, this sounds like an unfortunate situation for both you and your parents, but simplify complaining about it won't help and only makes your parents mores stressed. Instead, I suggest that you talk to your parents in private about it, and communicate with them that you simply don't like the kids and that your parent's friends should reign them in a bit and not dump them on you when they come over.

The important part is that you talk to them about it in a civilized manner and they can help you work it out.


I don't complain. My parents don't care about what I think. They know I don't like them. I have tried talking to them but it doesn't work.


Yes, but I assume that your parents are generally logical. There is a difference between you simply whining about it and sitting down and talking to them. I suggest at some point when y'all are alone, just say "Can I talk to you guys for a second?" and then have a normal, unemotional conversation with them about the kids. I guarantee 100% that they won't just say "No they are coming over whether you like it or not". If you are rational and don't get angry at them, then they will try to help you.


I have tried that many times. It doesn't work.


Wow me whining about it. Great.


The key to it is asking and saying all of this with a straight face, as if you are emotionless. No crying, no insults, no anger. What have they said to you? Have they refused to talk at all, or have they refused any compromise? I need some direct quotes here to help you work this out :stuck_out_tongue:


Refused to talk about it


Maybe give them some time (a day or 2) because they may get annoyed if you keep asking!

Then just come up one day and say

Hey! Can we talk about (blabla)