I'm so lonely.. ;(



Nobody checks my forum topics that much, And my projects are seen by only like 12 people. I've never got a feature because THT chooses advanced projects. Everyone else Ik has had a feature, mostly. But me = no.


Its okey! You'll get there. Just keep working hard. :DD


I try...


Hey, you're not the only one. I've been on Hopscotch for almost 2 years, and I have 0 features, 0 trendings, and 0 risings.

But does that stop me? No. I keep working not at all due to procrastination hard, and I know I'll be on one of the channels soon enough!


I have 0 risings too XD


Featuring is weird. Don't expect it, and it sometimes happens. Every time I've been featured I had little or no clue it would happen.
Since it happened to me, it can easily happen to you. Just be sure to make a sweg project, and make it look sweg, and nominate it, so that I and others can second+ that nomination :stuck_out_tongue:

And tag me in any topics you want me to see :smiley:

Edit: hai @MelodiousParrot


Hai, how are you going?
I've been spying


Hi I'm not going, I'm procrastinating :joy:

I know, I saw you spying :0000


It's okay!
I've only had 2 trending. What's your HS name?


A tip to get Featured is to make a really creative title screen! It'll increase the chance of someone clicking on it, getting onto Trending, and then Featured! No matter what, just keep trying and you'll get noticed eventually.




So true, the projects I spend 30 minutes on get featured, but the ones I work on for weeks don't. Oh, well. That doesn't get in my way.