I'm shutting the door to the forum


Guys, I need to do my homework, so I'm going to take a little break from the forum. Idk when I'm going to back, I'm probs gonna lose my regular, but I really need to focus in school. My school curriculum has changed, idk if you have this in USA but, my SATs are coming up soon and that decides what secondary School (Middle School)I'm going to. So I'm shutting the door to the forum. See you in a few months I guess!
-Signing off (Temporarily), KoolM123

P.S. Is there any way I can kinda lock the forum so I don't go onto it? Is it possible to lock a website off safari?


You could someone to suspend you maybe if you can get the web link restricted in your settings and let's your parents do it for you !


That's not a good idea.


You could ask someone to restrict the browser and make sure once you want or back onto it , you can ask them to unrestrict it !


I will do your jobs on the magazine until you are back!


Dis is me final good bye....
See you soon peeps,


Bya twin sis ! WHEN WILL YOU NEXT BE ON ?



Bye, I'll miss you! ;-;
Good luck in school!


We have SATs in High School


R u still participating in the contest?


Goodbye ;-;

Such is the price of growing up...


Homework stinks. But I understand! See you soon


Bye fren.
Hi @HappyPerson.
I like your profile pic


Hi! Thanks! I changed it like 10 seconds ago! XD
I'm guessing you like Peridot and Steven Universe in general.

I'm pretty sure it's Peridot


Yeah XD.


Mud can we talk on my page


Have your parents get Go Gardian. Then they can see what your doing at all times and turn off your internet use temporarily if nessesary, or even just send a messege through the app saying "Is your HW and studying done?" and stuff like that! :D


Yeah sure!


Did Mud do something wrong what's your page I wanna check it out

Lack of periods
Not going crazy



Hey hey hey hey hey! I'm gonna be on an hour a day! My test is in two days, but I'm still going to be A LOT more inactive. So yeah.