I'm scared I've been hacked!


So a few of you were there (@AmiiboTrash), but when I was on the imagination is cool topic, I was threatened by @StRiKe_Chubby that he would hack my internet and share my IP to 150,000+ followers on twitter. Now my internet has actually been acting up. It's been freezing a lot and actually stopping.

Please help me! I don't know what to do!!


reboot your device and then say if it's still acting up


Now it's asking if I'm human. And I did restart my device.


Maybe da web is supposed to do that


I did that to me before and I just turned off my Ipad and did nothing​:upside_down:.


Yeah, but that website has never done that to me.


I don't know then...
And is Strike Chubby a user?


He got banned.