I'm Saying Goodbye For Now


Ok...umm hai guys. I haven't created a new topic in a while and I just wanted to say something real quickly before my ipad dies. No 10 paragraph essays. I promise.

I'm sorry I haven't been on hopscotch lately. Hopefully nobody has noticed this. I just have felt the forum and HS community has lost my interest. Coding has lost its "spark" for me. I feel like I've lost support. Too many flame wars. Too many controversies. Everybody is leaving. Schoolwork. Depression. My life has become crazy busy. I have decided to take a break. And yes, this is not a joke. I'm completely serious. I'm not too sure when I'll come back but I'll miss you guys. See you hopefully soon :slight_smile: ps i will still be on the forum just not as much (because of regular status)


Good idea, though I will miss you, you can hopefully come back when the hopscotch community has cooled down.


@Doodliedoo aw, hopefully we'll see you soon (if you feel like it) we'll miss you!


D: Goodbye, the community and me will miss you


We will miss you, but we understand. Everyone needs a break at some point. :smile:


We'll all be waiting for you when you come back! :smile:


We will miss ya! Come back soon pls.


NOO I hope you stay!!!!!