I'm regular WOO! :DDD (*solved)



I've been waiting a pretty long time (as @Whitefeathers knows) and FINALLLY! I got regular! :D

(Many people have told me I should make a general topic)

So now, I'm going to make a general topic. Soon, though. Not now. I wanted to wait until I became regular to make it, so that I could kind of "have all the benefits of it"

A few questions I have

  • So I've heard about new things regulars can do. Can somebody explain some of them? Thanks! Sorry for being a bother.
  • Is it possible to change the name of your regular title? (for example, change the regular next to your name to an emojji, or word/s)

Thanks :)


first of all, GOOD JOB! :D

Here's something to tell ya:

You can hide spam with a single flag!

That means that if you flag something as spam, it's automatically hidden. If you were a member, you would need someone else to flag for it to count.

Don't try unless it's necessary

Sadly, you can't change up the regular title, you may only remove it or put it back on.


Woah, congrats! :D

It might take me a while to write all the new abilities, so I reccomend looking at the topic "Welcome To The Lounge!"

Unfortunately, the only title you can get as a Regular is simply "Regular."



Welcome to the wonderful world of regulars!
You don't really need a whole topic just for this though...

Stuff we can do:
1. Change topic titles you can change the title and tags of any topic, whether it is yours or not. Just click the little pencil in the corner to test it out!
2. Create tags as a regular, you can make your own little turquoise tags. When you are making a topic, just add the name of your new tag in your tags section.
3. Put things on global edit you can make your own posts into global edits by clicking the three dots in the corner of your posts. Click the wrench, and "make wiki". This way, anyone can edit your posts, so if you want to make a tag list or group of people, they can edit themselves in.
4. You can use the lounge the lounge is another topic tag like "help with code", "bugs", and "collabs". You can, as a regular, put your topics into the lounge. This way, only regulars will see your topic. You can also change the tag of another person's topic to lounge if a member or lower is making flame wars. You may want to change the tag on this topic to lounge, seeing as regulars will probably, in this case, be the most helpful to you.
5. Stuff as a regular, you have more likes and replies per day. A single one of your flags will now completely hide a post, so use your flags wisely!

As far as I know, you can't.

I got my Regular Badge!

R we still going to share a general topic or no, also congrats on ur being regular!




Yes! Congrats.
Pretty much what @KayKat said, but remember to be polite about it because some people (including myself) don't like people changing tags/titles of our topics :slight_smile:


Congrats on becoming regular!:grinning:


Congratulations and welcome to the Regular party! The only way you can change your title text is if you win a contest hosted by THT like @CreationsOfaNoob did. They sometimes have that kind of contests.


Thanks so much everyone!

@KayKat thank you, that Was very helpful :3

@Ihasfluffycupcakes that was also quite helpful, thanks!

@Treefrogstudios Thanks so much! :D
I will definitely check it out :3

@W-Healer if you still want to, then yeah
Also, thanks! :3

Ok, I will :)

@kvj Thank you very much :D

@Xman0417 Thanks! :)

Thank you so much @William04GamerA!
Maybe I will try one of those contests in the future!

Again, thanks everybody! You've all been a big help :D


Tbh, yep I sort of still want to. :slight_smile:


Lucky you! I am still waiting!


Congratulations, @A.K_studios46!!!!!!!! I'm still waiting for mine tho!


Congrats :D


I think that the contest that will be next are going yo be the summer contest, which was the contest that CreationsOfaNoob got his title from (I already mentioned him before, that was why I didn't tagged him in this post)