I'm Really Sorry 😭



I have to stop playing hopscotch as much as I do because I am getting caught up in homework. I will still be on just not as much as I am usually.
This will count for hopscotch and hopscotch forum. This was a discussion me and my mum had and she won. I will try to be on the most I can though. :nerd:




Filling space 2020


awwwwww thats so sad


Oh, well, we hope we can see you soon.. :frowning:
Hope you finish dat homework quickly!


Here are some tips for homework:
1. If you can multitask, then do as much homework in class as possible
2. Is your homework is in paperback or on can do it in the car or on the bus
3. If you have study hall or advisory, use that! :smile:


I wish I could get the homework done Inclass but my teachers assign me different home work than what we do in class so it just piles up


What's study hall or advisory


Like sitting in for recess if you missed homework


My school doesn't have study hall or advisory