I'm really sorry but I found another Glitch! πŸ˜”



I'm really sorry! I feel really bad, but when I see a bug I want to squish it (by the way, this does not apply in real life, just in apps). Anyway, I was on my iPad about half an hour ago and I went straight onto my activities page when Hopscotch loaded up. It only ahppened once, but bear glitch onto the screen like this…

Just to clarify, it only happened once and it may just be my iPad.
I'm really sorry but thank you very much for taking your time in reading this. :cat::yum:


The same thing happened to me. I'm pretty sure it isn't a bug.
What is happening is that it is loading the activities page, and it shows that, and once the part you can see is loaded there is still stuff it has to do (I guess load the links and some images) so it still shows it as loading. I agree though that it is annoying.


Yea it also happens to me it's really annoying :\


They still have that glitch when I tap around to quick. I do not think it is that bad, but I hope they will start working on fixing that soon! :wink: