I'm quitting hopscotch, but not the forum :)

I don't really feel like it anymore...
I'll still be on the forum.
I'm giving up coding.
Perhaps I'll still draw on paper.


Oh. Woahk! So if you're leaving hopscotch what will you do on the forum? Just wanna talk and publish your drawings? But don't leave hopscotch if you're giving up with coding. You can still play other's projects. Now i feel like i'm bored (but still make projects. Sometimes) and now i don't even feel like gonna make a game so don't leave.


True, but it doesn't let me go into my account and I'm not bothered to make a new one. I could..but I wouldn't be active really.

Well because i have a forum account now, i'm not really active in the app, but i will always be on the forum. But i still don't forget the app.

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I guess you're right?!
Ok then.
New account here I come.

Ok! So what's the name? I'm Dragon Mc. (I just changed my username. Previously i was planetdragonMc)

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XD must change my bio

inside why I still everyone leaving :sob:

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I'm not. READ the posts above! XD XD XD

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I followed you. And it also reminds me it's december now. OMG i forgot! XD. Because you're since now XD

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@Trendygirl y u do dis?


Nah, it's ok I made a new account on HS. It's called CookiesAndCream_

But I don't get the new update so I haven't made any projects.

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