I'm Quitting (Forum Only)


Hi all! I've decided to quit the forum. I'm not very good at calmly expressing my feelings, and ended up exploding at @Kayro. I don't want to be hurtful anymore. Please accept my apology @Kayro and goodbye all!


Please don't leave! I love hearing your point of view!


Why? We've bumped into each other a couple of times and your a pretty great forumer


I can be too hurtful and don't want to cyberbully anyone without realizing. Goodbye


Don't leave, @Crazy_Crawfish! I think you're fine! Even if you think that you're not good at expressing your feelings, at least you can try to improve by trying to be more social! OMG plz

DON'T LEAVE!!!!!!!


I am, but @friendship2468 has helped me see that I need to stop.


Wait how do you delete an account?


Don't leave. You'd leave so many people out of touch. However, if you have decided, I won't argue. Goodbye.


Ignore the haters.
I love your work! Don't leave, please!


How do you delete an acc?


You can't unless you have no posts or an admin does it for you.

Sorry you feel this way.



You can't. I don't think you actually did anything wrong. It was just interpreted differently then you meant it to be. I didn't think it was mean. It's a matter of perspective.


I'm logging out forever now...



You mustn't listen to other's opinions. They may influence your beliefs, but in my way of thinking, you must focus on your true thoughts. We all believe that you have already been an awesome addition to the forum, and you shouldn't stop being awesome. Understand that when someone leaves, another crack falls upon us, injuring many, including myself, with your loss. Saddeningly, I do not obtain the ability to change your thoughts. I hope that you shall stay, for I think you are one of my favorite hopscotchers, and what's the point in doing so when I lose my communication with you? Please, don't quit the forum. For all of our sakes. If you didn't get tired of reading this, then I am fairly surprised. Thank you!


Please don't leave, it's ok just try re-reading your posts before you post, check if it's mean, on topic, etc and you won't end up doing it again! We all make mistakes




NOOOOOOOOOO! Please don't leave! I love having you on the forum. :sob:
PLEASE DON'T LEAVE!:cry::cry::disappointed_relieved::anguished::weary::disappointed::confounded::pensive::sob::tired_face:


Oh no no no no no no no no no!!
I wished I published three minutes earlier so at least she got my message! :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::tired_face::tired_face::tired_face::tired_face::tired_face::tired_face::tired_face::tired_face:


Please don't leave! You are so nice and helpful and I want to continue seeing you continue on Tony's Kitchen!


NOOOOO! You just can't leave! PLEASE don't leave :sob::tired_face::pensive: