I'm pretty scared right now


My mom was holding it but still :frowning: imma die from it :(((



Are you sick?


Are you okay!? How sick are you feeling? I hope you get better!


Yes I've been puking everywhere


EmojiArts i really hope you are ok.
Like, really.
Prayers for you tonight.


I once had a fever of 104 and I was fine, so I'm pretty sure that you will be fine


:thermometer_face: hope you feel better!!


OW OW OWWWWWWWWW :(( omg help


Wow that's hot
That's almost 40 degrees Centigrade

For all those people who use metric Like me


Maybe you should get off the electronics and go to sleep. Or get in a freezing cold bath, that's what I had to do


But I don't want to :frowning: I took a cold shower todya


Geez, that's really bad... if you're sick then maybe stay off the electronics? A good ol' rest in bed should do.

Or maybe just stay on your couch and watch your favorite movie. Just don't go anywhere! Staying inside will help your body heal itself.


I'm hungry and there's cookies in my pantry hhhhhehehhh


I'm actually sick too, I've been sick since yesterday though and my throats doesn't hurt anymore and I'm not numb. Anyways, if you are that sick, maybe stay off the electronics, electronics could make it worse.


I, uhh... I can't change your choices XD


I'm going to get all the cookies the pumpkin pie brownies and the ice cram brb


What the heck? How is that possible?!??


you'll be fine. it'll pass, and you'll live

one of my friends got like half of my swim group sick because he kept coughing


Now!! Ur showing my faces.. from when I was young!!!


@Fried-Chicken I flagged it for showing my personal information