I'm pretty new... (pwz help or face rant lol)


Yeh little rant cos I'm new and all and I hav no idea what you do on this thing I've seen other players and I don't know what they're doing and stuf also trying to find Miyu (impossible) but yeh. Also happy birthday for yesterday Tyler :stuck_out_tongue:



Welcome to the forum! If you ever need help, tag me by putting an @ then my username, like this: @CandyflossClouds , and I will come and help you!


I'm new to!!! Yahoo, can we be friends?


Welcome @Natsu_chan!

Tag me anytime like so: "@KVJ"!

This is the Hopscotch coding forum for help and helping!


Thank u! Will do! Really appreciate ur kindness :slight_smile:


Yaaaaay! Of course we can be friends! (I may be a little inactive though!) :smile:


Awesome! Thank you! I am glad to have you! :star:


What's your HS account?


No problem!

Ask for help any time you need!


@Natsu_chan joined on Nov.8.


Not to be a hater, but is one month considered new?


Hello there, and welcome to the forum!

If you need any help, tag me @HappyDolphin!

Here are some interesting topics that you might be interested in!

Here are the ranks!

@trust_level_0: The starting level for everyone!
@trust_level_1: You can get this easily!
@trust_level_2: Member! Be active for a few weeks and you can get this. You get some more features and some more likes.
@trust_level_3: Regular! This is very tough! You need to be on for 50 days within a 100 day timeframe, and read 20k posts! You also need to not be suspended for a certain amount of time, and not have too many flags!
@trust_level_4: Only the Hopscotch Team can have this at the time. :slight_smile:

Always remember to ask for help when you need it, and have fun!

Oh, also, here are the community guidelines, the rules of the forum!

See you around!


I think natsu_can..? I'm pretty sure it is! Friends? Nice profile picture!


I know what you mean, but I haven't done anything... I hope you can understand? Friends?!


Thank you so so so so much, I'm really honored to have met such a helpful, considerate person on hopscotch, friends?


Sure we can be friends! I was just a little suspicious :spy:, but now that I know we can be friends.


Are you from a youtube channel?


Nah, my mom isn't too keen on that idea but I wish I was! Y? Friends? :yum:


Oops...! That wasn't a reply to you! Flick up to my last comment! Sorry!!! |-/