Im out of likes!


Yeah out of likes, I'm so honnnored


I'm out too. Rawrbear had a period where he was out of likes all the time. Now that period is ours!


Lol you spam liked the quote topic xD
Anyways, here's a like! :heart:


I latley have been running out lots of likes!





Here's a :heart:️, never thought I'd do that. I just looked and there's s badge for running out!


We didn't know that because we've run out of likes about 2000 times.


I've never run out of likes. :0


I run out of likes A lot xD


I have only used one like


Weird they added new badges like

Run out of likes


Get 1 like on 20 posts!


I just sprinted out of likes! That's not healthy!


I did not get the badge though!


@Anonymous you and @rawrbear could do this!


I think I have that badge. But no one has it yet, they need to update it


They just added that badge like yesterday!


So did discourse. Dunno why it's not working tho
I think I got every one except for running out of likes 20 times


Can't like! Here is 1900000000000 likes!!



I never ran out of likes before >:3

dun dun dun dramatic music intensifies