Im out of ideas!


Well ._.

Im out of ideas for making a game! Hooray! Heres a song to celebrate:

Any suggestions? Please anyone :wink:




Try making duck simulator! :D



Wait that's you on scratch?

And what about....



Yes im jr12013676

And funny you say that...



I did not even know you then so cool!


I made singleplayer, multiplayer was made by someone else.

And yes I do know how to do 3D on scratch :wink:


And if you want proof its me I will give you a shout out on my scratch page


Aww thanks and I know it's you!


My scratch is quinnd2006!


Oh I commented on one of your projects xD


And I did it, check my profile!


Anyone else? I really need ideas unless you want me to make a Duck simulator!

  • Duck Simulator
  • Something else (Reply in comments)



I'm out if ideas as well... You could make a drawing pad. It is more fun now and easier becuase of the new HSB leave a trail color option! That's what I am currently doing. My first one!


I already made one :wink:


Then I'm drained on ideas!:weary:


Let's see
Oh right
(Gets key from pocket
Takes out box labeled ideas)

  1. Make a game that's like a life game
  2. Make a game about a life of a character
  3. Make a quiz 'determining' your personality
  4. I'm out


never gonna give you uppppp

You should code your username!