I'm on TV (HS related)



Ok so some of u guys think that this is off-topic but it's not cause this is HS related.

So yeah the title simply saids it I am on tv and a magazine...

And well the important bitis that I kind of promoted hopscotch I do not know if they cut off that bit or not on the TV and yeah

Tap me for details

So yeah I'll try to explain it as "short" as possible
1. I was helping out a flower carpet a famous event in Belgium
2. Two Japanese tv interviewed me when we were taking a break.
3. I was playing hopscotch
4. They asked me some questions related to the flower carpet

They asked me Questions about the HS and I well answered it!

I am serious I can prove it but...No private information....

@Liza I dunno if I should have done this but yeah that's it for now

If the leaders+ will think that this topic is off-topic pls say!
@Intellection74 @Gilbert189

One more thing = Well the video hasn't come out yet but they told my parents that I was going to be in it!


Hello @MobCraft
@Fishyguitars @Jadeybirdy @DaPurpleMan1


Kool you're on TV


Plus... (if It is true... not doubting you..)


I guess so my face = :sweat_smile::no_mouth:


Yep it's true !
I can like really prove it.
However, no private information so yeah...


On TV?! That's amazing! Oh wait, I've been on TV before too lol but thats another topic

Only thing I can say is hopefully it doesn't lead to your personal info or anything. :P


That's awesome!!!!!

I would love to watch it but personal info!


oh... yeah....


I was on tv when I was a baby.


Cool XD


Can you show us the video?

Or privacy reasons?


I think it was becuase I couldn't breath well at all so I was doing som thing for CHKD.


I can but privacy reasons and the show hasn't come out yet.


Best if it wasn't shown


My half cousins were preforming for a Dental comertale XD
lol spelling


I think it would be fine if you showed it once it was out becuase other people would see it probaly a ton so yeh but it's ur choice.


See my edit...


Oops okie!


Maybe you'll hike up the number of HS downloads in Belgium or something after the show comes out XD